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A photo of political oil painting Crocodile Tears With Apologies to Crocodiles.
Photo of surrealist cat portrait by Blue S. Badella

Traditional Art

Water soluble oils on canvas, sometimes mixed media. I'm a big fan of surrealism, magical realism, and vibrant color theory, which I think shows in my work.

Prints available on my shop, Inquire for Commissions!

Logo Design

I work with you to create a custom logo that highlights your organization's unique symbolism and aesthetic.  I don't create fonts but will happily incorporate fonts available for commercial use.  

Price Varies with Complexity & Time Spent

Starts at $250


Night Sky
Art of Deep Sea Person
Art of Surreal Weird Deer

Commission Idea!




3 different formats 
of your choice 
will be e-mailed to you

Blue produces 
more polished sketch,
 Maximum of 3 revisions to design


Painting updates till final piece. Will take time. 
Once it dries and is sealed 
painting will be mailed to you.

Digital: Color update,
 last chance to revise!


Blue prepares 
thumbnail sketches

(small roughs)

E-mail or message Blue to discuss concept/details.

I reserve the right to include commissions in my portfolio. 

If you're no longer interested in a piece at any point in the process you will receive a partial refund.

I am a freelance artist but not a typographer.

All fonts used in logo designs are free for commercial use or sent to me by the client.

I do not design fonts.

If you'd like to support my work but don't have any commission needs or funds at the moment, consider the affordable options on my linktree!​ 

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me!

A blue beauty snake framing a set of paint brushes covered in the spectrum of colors

Cosmic Seas, Neon Wilds, & Queer Cryptids

A personalized piece of fantasy art, tattoo design,

your original character born of fandom, RP, or creative writing

I'd be honored to contribute to your artistic expression!

In the words of Emil Ferris:

 When I sit down to draw,

I'm energized by the possibility of creating a monster.

That is where I find beauty and pathos.


Full Digital Painting

Full Illustration w/ BG

Price Varies with Complexity

Starts at $100

Character OC/Fandom/RP 

Digital Art

Sketch, no Backround.


Inked & Clean, No Backround


Color Illustration, No BG

 each additional character +10 
each added character in color 

added shoulder pet +5  

added shoulder pet in color +10 

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